”Unlike many other black comedians, his set isn’t funny only if you ‘’get’’ urban culture. Slims jokes are all-inclusive and not solely about his black experience. Jasmine Dotiwala. HUFFPOST COMEDY

Slim also known as Danny "Slim" Gray is an award winning stand up comedian and actor from the UK. He has supported acts such as John Witherspoon, Bill Bellemy, Kevin Hart, Mark Curry and Eddie Griffin on their UK tours.

After the “Bill Bellemy” tour, Slim was invited back to L.A where he became the 1st Black U.K comic to perform at the world famous Hollywood Comedy Store !

Original and versatile. He appeals to all genders, race and nationalities and has the ability to capture different aspects of everyday life and twist it into his own brand of comedy. He was born in South London, England of Jamaican parentage.